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Music: A Year in Review

Spotify has been a driving force in my passion for music. I am always amazed by how the music streaming service makes it so easy to share and discover new music. Before their “Discover Weekly” function my sister and I would share new tunes with each other through a playlist we called “Explore the Unknown.” Now, I look forward to Monday mornings when Spotify shares artists that impact my daily music consumption.

I am also in love with Spotify’s data gathering and insights – as seen on their witty advertisements and their “Year in Review’ website. My top songs this year mainly stemmed from one playlist I made in early spring called “ish.” For someone that has always loved making new playlists, 2017 was a bit of a lull for me. Since I used the Discover Weekly playlist regularly, I didn’t bother saving my own mixes. However, “ish” stuck with me. The playlist with heavy electronic influence includes artists like Louis the Child, Gang Signs, and Highs. I got my need of punk with Southern Comforting and my love for clever rap with Fold Watch by House Ghost featuring James Lindsey. My top song for the year, Nervous by Magic Bronson connected with me when I began living in New York for the summer.

Old favorites like Prinze George and Catfish & the Bottlemen made my 2017 top songs. The Front Bottom’s newest release also made the cut with Grand Finale as one of my new favorites. While researching potential artists to bring to UMD for SEE I also discovered more R&B and electronic groups. KAYTRANADA, Noname, Brent Faiyaz were artists added to my new faves. 2017 expanded my music consumption and I loved it.

Linking both my top 2017 songs and my ish playlists (still working on embedding them tho)

~ enjoy!


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