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Marketing: A Year in Review

This year I made it a point to follow more advertising and creative outlets. Following Adage, Adweek, FastCo Design, and others on different social media platforms allowed me to easily integrate my passion on websites I already frequently visit. I tried not to look at any already curated best / worst campaigns, so here’s my take on what's stuck out to me.



Spotify’s witty data gathering relating to 2018 resolutions caught my eye immediately. I love data turned into fun and unexpected insights. These billboards are amazing and eye-catching. I love the funky colors which pops in mundane cities. I have a passion for data and advertising and that’s why I love these ads so much. Instead of developing a creative idea on top of the research Spotify gathers from its consumers, it stuck to the source adding a twist with the New Year.

Social Media

Wendy’s sassy social tone somehow works for them. While most companies have been starting to use social media platforms to eleviate customer concerns, Wendy’s took a different approach with taking down trolls. Their clap-back on a user @NHride who stated that their beef is frozen was a great start to 2017. I first noticed the theme of witty tones with Chipotle and Taco Bell so it’s no surprise that Wendy’s followed. Their digital team made headlines and it’s working for them.


Product Placement

I love a good product placement in films and television shows It makes characters more real and relatable when they use products I know and love. However, if there is one film that continues to over-do it it’s the new Jurassic Park films. The trailer for the second film starring Chris Pratt begins with a Budweiser logo on full displayed. I actually thought this was an ad before the trailer and was shocked when it was no. Instead of seamlessly placing maybe a Budweiser cup with the logo in the hands of the characters at the bar, they began the entire trailer with the brand. It could have been done better.

Video Advertisement

Pepsi’s tone-def advertisement staring Kendall Jenner immediately faced backlash by everyone. What was worse was that the company’s apology really just focused on apologizing to Jenner and no one else. I understood why Pepsi went with a campaign that had high political and social ties, given the recent election and protests, but the use of a white American model ruined their message and angered everyone. Luckily their downfall on April 4th was covered by a worse trainwreck on April 10th from a video on an United flight where an older Asian customer was dragged from his seat. I always wonder if Pepsi would have had more repercussions if their bad press wasn’t covered by another company’s mistakes. I'm also shocked that the video is still shaed on Kendall and Kylie's YouTube channel.


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