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Life: A Year in Review

2017 was a year of growth (as every year should be). I finally found my comforts & passions, but I’m beginning 2018 with the goal to find my independence & happiness

I started 2017 travelling around Italy with my best friend Tara, making memories I had always dreamt of. This was my first time in Europe and I think about going back every day. Looking back at my experience I’m glad I had my first trip separate from my family, but while it was happening I dreaded it. I felt homesick and felt like I was missing out on New Years in the states, missed my boyfriend, and didn’t enjoy being alone. Looking back at my trip there were so many moments I wished I enjoyed more instead of dwelling on negatives.

In June I moved to New York for an internship with Ketchum. I didn’t let my future employer know this as I was interviewing, but I really had no idea what public relations was and how much of a monumental company Ketchum was. I felt like I fit perfectly at Ketchum. The company taught me more about how to be an effective leader and I came back to campus in August feeling enlightened and refreshed. I always knew I loved New York but working for an amazing company that fueled my personal and professional growth was much more than I expected.

I also had the opportunity to visit Los Angeles twice, once in September and again in November for conferences hosted by the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF). I had no idea how much HSF would mean to me, but I am so excited to give back to the non-profit to help more Latinx’s in the future (plus I realized that I really need to learn how to salsa). LA also stole a piece of my heart – having all of the benefits of New York and a little more (I’ve always wanted to live by a beach). In September. I also learned how I can’t let my course work at the University of Maryland deter me from new experiences. By November I was completely drained from my classes and it translated in a lower self-esteem and the lack of my ability to network. LA was the trip I needed & I hope I can continue to travel in the next year to refresh my mind.

Wrapping up the year, I achieved the best grades in my academic career this year, one step closer to finding the right balance between my personal, professional and academic lives. I didn’t mention this too much, but I had lost my passion to learn but found it again in 2017. I had high and lows but I really enjoyed this year. I was also able to plan two concerts for the University of Maryland, declare an Information Systems major, interview for my dream company, and I am now restarting this blog to share my thoughts, dreams, and passions



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