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Weekend Recaps: Feb/March

2018 is already flying by and I'm not a fan. I started January by posting "weekend updates" to make sure I was keeping up with socializing and making sure I was making memories before leaving DC forever (well, maybe forever). Well, 2 months later and I'm not really sure what I have to show for it, so I decided to make this post to reflect on the past 2 months.

Wix is pretty awful with spacing images, or I haven't figured yet so this will be mostly text. All pics though are probably posted on my 365 Instagram MandaMariani.

Feb Feb Feb

I tried to socialize, and by socialize I mean I went out probably 3 times in the whole month, but you know it was a short one soo that's a lot. Also met H John Benjamin from Bobs Burgers & Angela Kinsey from The Office so life was good. Other top news: went to Ihop with SEE & went to see Coasts and The Hunna at Ustreet music hall - making me nostalgic.

March (left, right, left)

March was exciting because I got to visit Connecticut & New York for my brother's engagement party & for a job interview. I made the most of both trips (aka ate the best foods). March was also Battle of the Bands season (by far the most relaxed event I get to plan and SO fun) and Easter weekend which allowed me to get my Flying Dog fix.