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Weekend Recaps: January

Updated: Mar 21, 2018

January was amazing and I feel like a cliche, but it's really been a fresh start. I took a break from working and taking class (well, minus being a teaching assistant for an online class but I didn't mind). I had the time to focus on new "resolutions" or goals I wanted to accomplish this year, and I was finally back home with my parents after moving out in 2014 and never really coming back for longer than for the holidays.

In January I was able to see The Killers live (a spectacular show, still can't believe I saw them), discovered some beauty in Frederick, went to a Washington Capitals game, and adding some misfortune to the mix, I did not go snow tubing as planned at Liberty Mountain Resort.

The Killers

Brandon Flowers is truly a performer. The entire show to me screamed "Vegas," where he originally is from. This was also my first time attending a live show at The Anthem and I was blown away by the venue. They built it so there is really no bad seat in the house, optimizing the space for the 6,000 or so guests that can attend a show.


I of course moved to College Park to attend UMD my Freshman year, but after being back for 2 weeks after finishing my first year I realized I loved spending my parents, yet, staying in Frederick for an entire summer might drain all of the life out of me, so I moved right back to College Park and have basically lived here since. However, I realized I might have been a bit ~~dramatic~~ and Frederick is actually a special place and I'm glad to have spent part of my life there.

So I figured I would share great places that are worth the trip to Frederick. First, Flying Dog Brewery. If you don't like beer - still go. They have light options (Numero Uno) and limited releases that always change, so there is always something new to try. And if you're unsure - the staff is absolutely amazing. My love for Flying Dog is so high because they have amazing marketing and even more amazing people working for them. It's also a no-TV space, so you can actually enjoy the company of your friends / family without distractions.

Secondly, two of my favorite eateries in Downtown Frederick are Pretzel & Pizza Creations and Cafe Nola. If you love pretzel dough, you'll love Pretzel & Pizza. It's amazing and I wish they were every where. My brother has loved Cafe Nola since my parents moved to Frederick, but my first time going was over this break. They have an amazing brunch selection & delicious mimosas that I could drink forever.

Washington Capitals

I'm not a huge hockey fan, but I do love attending games. I love the cheers from the crowd, how close all of the players are to fighting at any given moment, and the fact that they are on skates and how impressive I think that is. Hockey is extremely entertaining to watch in person and I highly recommend attending a game wherever you are. Most teams also have a student discount for certain games or cheap tickets for resale close to the game, so it's definitely worth the money.

(Not) Snow Tubing

I ended up getting sick twice in January, with the second time being during the weekend I had planned to attend Student Entertainment Event's annual retreat. I was packed and ready to go snow tubing & participate in endless ice breakers, but instead I spent my days in bed, sleeping probably around 15 hours each day. It was extremely infuriating, but I'm hoping this is my semesterly illness and I won't be sick again before May (again - hoping).

Don't really know how to wrap this thing up - maybe I'll get the hang of it later.